15 Pics of Aoshima, Japanese Island Where Cats Outnumber Humans Six to One

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Aoshima Island is one of the most famous “cat islands” in Japan (yes, there is more than one. Actually, about a dozen).

In this place, there are more feline residents than people (the ratio is about six to one). In Aoshima, there are more than a hundred cats living around this 1 mile (1.6 km) long island.

It’s located in Ehime Prefecture and is accessible via a one-way boat from Port Nagahama, which takes around 30 minutes.

Here’s a gallery of amazing images, which take you directly to Aoshima, the Japanese “cat island”.



1. Cats Crowd the Harbor on Aoshima Island


2. Cats Surround People As They Get Off A Boat At The Harbor On Aoshima Island


3. The Main Part Of The Fishing Village On Aoshima Island


4. Cats Crowd The Aoshima Island Harbor


5. A Clowder Of Cats On The Wharf On Aoshima Island


6. A Cat Carries A Fish On Aoshima Island


7. A Cat Walks Past Wooden Farm Sheds On Aoshima Island


8. A Cat Jumps Off A Piano In The Music Room Of A Derelict School On Aoshima Island


9. Cats Crowd The Harbor Embankment On Aoshima


10. Ozu City Official Atsuko Ogata As She Carries A Bag Of Cat Food To The Designated Feeding Place


11. Aoshima Cats Beg For Food


12. The Village Nurse Atsuko Ogata Carries A Bag Of Cat Food


13. A Cat Leaps At The Photographer To Snatch His Lunch Snack


14. Cats Sit On A Wall On Aoshima Island


15. Cats Crowd The Harbor Embankment On Aoshima


Credit to TheAtlantic.com

Pictures by Thomas Peter/Reuters, photographed on February 25, 2015.

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  1. Aww!! I love cats!! So nice to see that they are feeding them. Might be a good idea to neuter a few too… just saying. We spay and neuter our animals. Mexico has too many strays and no one cares for them 🙁

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