10 Tools And Gadgets You Always Wanted, But You Did Not Know Existed


Each of you will have had at some point in your life a great idea that made you say: “How come nobody ever thought of it before?”

And when that happens, the possibilities are two: either you do nothing and you end up to forget the genial find or, you dedicate to creating that dream object, which has not yet been invented.

Let’s see this list of tools or gadgets that seem crazy and useful, at the same time!


1. Gripet ( Quick grip note tidy )

A useful support for notes.


2. Jot –( Just holds it there)

It’s a suction hook that sticks everywhere to hold something in the desired place.


3. Membo – (Remember to do it)

It is a daily reminder tool to let everyone know if a job has been done.


4. Savel – (Saves whatever is left)

It is a save-freshness object that covers cut food and keeps it fresh.


5. Scizza – (Scissors perfectly cut pizza)

It is a scissor that cuts any pizza on any surface.


6. Spink – (Never spill another drink)

It is a cup holder that attaches to your table so that you will never have another drink poured.


7. Tapi – (tap squeeze drink fountain)

It adapts to your tap and lets water pass normally until you squeeze it, to redirect water and create a fountain.


8. Temji – (Shower temperature just right)

Temperature controller for shower.


9. Paladin for Pipe

https://heatline.com/paladin-for-pipe is an award winning, advanced, self-regulating trace heating system that can be used for efficient and reliable pipe freeze protection.


10. Power LiftKar HD Stair Climbing Truck

This handy tool for movers like companies of this website can be used for transporting heavy loads up to 725 lb. up and down stairs with an 8.25″ maximum height.


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