20+ Shocking Photos from Burning Man, the Craziest Festival in the World


The first Burning Man’s annual fire ceremony started in 1986, at Baker Beach, in San Francisco.

Since then, the event evolved with a new location, date changes, and new meanings of celebration.

From the beach in California to Black Rock Desert in Nevada, every year, tens of thousands of people gather to build Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, and self-expression.

If you have never been there, and you want to get a taste of this unique festival, take a look at this list of epic photos from the Burning Man.

Let’s build a statue and burn it!


1. Playing with the Heart

Instagram Credit


2. Crazy Stone Carousel

Instagram User


3. Woman in a Cage



4. Mad Max Vehicle



5. The Space Whale



6. Shiny Sparkly Unicorn

Instagram Pic


7. Monumental Sunrise



8. Land Shark



9. Mystical Thundebirds

James Tyler


10. Mad Max Thunderdome

Dragi Nah


11. Living Art

Erica Claire


12. Mechanical Iron Horse

Instagram Credit


13. Fancy Desert Jellyfish

Ariudar Selah


14. Epic Shoes (or Not?)

Eric Hinman


15. Bunnymobile



16. Indigenous Bead Work on Fiberglass Dinosaur

Drew Washer


17. Car Kebab

Luke Whiting


18. Steampunk Alice in Wonderland

Jennifer Walker


19. Sci-fi Beast

Alexander Zimin


20. Fly Car

Andrey Solomatin


21. Riding the Iron Horse

Askeri Polina


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