Photographer Tim Flach Shares Shocking Pictures of Animals That May Soon Be Extinct

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Many animals that lived on the earth are already extinct. Think about these, for example:

  • Pinta Island Tortoise (2012)
  • Japanese Honshu Wolf (1905)
  • Quagga (1883)
  • Great Auk (1852)
  • Steller’s Sea Cow (1768)
  • Irish Elk (5,200 B.C.) A model of an Irish Elk
  • Smilodon (10,000 B.C.)
  • Woolly Mammoth (2,000 B.C.)

Today, there are many species that are endangered and may soon be extinct.

British photographer Tim Flach has spent the last 2 years following these animals and documenting their fragile existences. His work has finally been published: Endangered.

There are animals you may already familiar with (polar bear, snow leopard, cheetah), but many others are so incredible, you could even don’t know they exist.

Take a look at these powerful images of animals that may soon be extinct.


1. Shoebill


2. Ring Tailed Lemur


3. Pied Tamarin


4. Iberian Lynx


5. Hyacinth Macaw


6. Saiga


7. Philippine Eagle


8. Snow Leopard


9. Golden Snub Nosed Monkey


10. Red Crown Crane


11. Red Panda


12. Sea Angels


13. Scimitar Oryx’s


14. Egyptian Vulture


15. Proboscis Monkey


16. Beluga Sturgeon


17. Yunan Snub Nosed Monkey


18. Hooded Vulture


All the credits of these pictures to Tim Flach: EndangeredFacebookTwitterInstagram.

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