Brilliant Ideas: 15 Objects That You Didn’t Know Existed


It does not matter what you think about the economic crisis, we live in an age where technology seems to have a solution for every problem.

Are you ready to be surprised by these brilliant ideas?

You didn’t know that these objects existed, yet, you needed them.


1. Neo-Cover: The Magnetic Switch

With a magnet on the cover, this switch promises to also become a practical storage compartment.


2. Tile: How To Never Lose Anything Again

By synchronizing with a GPS keychain, it allows you to geolocate all your objects and project them on a map on your smartphone.


3. Scrubba

A portable washing machine for camp enthusiasts.


4. Sugru, The Magic Mouldable Glue

With this tool, you can repair anything from shoes to the smartphone cable. Useful for fixing, DIY and creative projects.


5. 3Doodler, The Pen To Draw In 3D

Imagine a pen that extrudes heated or warm plastic from the its nozzle? Without any software, you can create whatever you imagine. It goes from your brain, to your hand, right there. Make prototypes in real time or simply bizzarre objects.


6. Floor Scale

The PFA261 floor scale is a fully electronic scale that delivers reliable weighing. It is made of carbon steel with a durable two-part, epoxy-painted finish. With its rugged construction, the PFA261 floor scale provides accurate, repeatable and certified weights for a variety of applications.


7. Sky Wifi Smartpen

This brilliant tool allows you to write normally and save everything in real time on the cloud.


8. The Ping Pong Door

If you don’t have room for a real table, this is the best alternative.


9. Railing Planter

To adorn your balcony with flowers, saving space and making them safe.


10. Slamdoor, The Door For Everyone

For children who want to grow fast.


11. Retro-Line

Made of a flexible, heating element, this tool is used for safe, efficient and reliable internal pipe freeze protection.


12. Ultra-Ever Dry

In a tin, the promise to make anything water-proof.


13. BioLite, CampStove

With this portable device, you can have everything: heat and electricity at your fingertips.


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