Top 5 Most Creative Businesses in the World

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In our days, there are two ways of describing innovation. The first one implies taking an old idea and improving it, while the second ones implies taking advantage of the latest technological developments and using them to create new products and services.

These developments combined with the possibility of setting up a company anywhere in the world easier than ever have helped people with vision come up with some very creative ideas which often were transformed into businesses.

Below, we will present you what we think are the 5 most creative business ideas in the world.


1. The Foldable Electric Bike

The bike is the preferred means of transportation and recreation for many of us, which is why a UK-based startup invented GoCycle, the foldable electric bike. Karbon Kinetics has won many awards with this bike which solves many of the problems of the modern world: it is lightweight, therefore easy to transport, and also foldable which makes it easy to put in a corner of the bus or train.

Great Britain is a great business destination and those who want to start companies here have many benefits. When it comes to innovative startups, perhaps the best idea is to open a business in Ireland.


2. Etsy – The Marketplace For Unique Furniture Collectors

There are many people passionate about collecting unique pieces of furniture. Both sellers and buyers can meet in one of the most exclusive marketplaces dedicated to fine art collectors. However, Etsy is not your common type of marketplace, as it also includes Etsy School where the employees can learn how to create unique products, which do not necessarily need to stop at furniture. What is even more appealing about Etsy is that the employees can learn from each other all sorts of crafts which can then be sold.


3. The Folding Bedroom

Fold Inn is behind one of the greatest ideas of all time: the folding bedroom which can be used not only at home, but at the office. It comes as a closet equipped with a mattress, a topper, pillows and beddings, so all you need to do is open the closet and pull the mattress out.


4. Trispecs – For High-tech Lovers

For those who don’t know, Trispecs are sunglasses, but not the regular type of sunglasses. These are equipped with stereo headphones and Bluetooth making them the perfect choice for vacations. These are not a new invention as they have been around since 2009, however they represent one of the gadgets that predicted the future as it is today.


5. The Bitcoin – the Currency of the Future

If until now we have presented small business ideas, the last one is the most innovative creation ever: the digital and decentralized currency. There are many of them on the market at the moment, however the Bitcoin remains the most powerful.

Created in 2009, by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin is now the most innovative business idea of our times and with a huge development potential in the years to come.

Speaking about Asia, home to some of the most innovative companies in the world, we recommend you start a business in Singapore if you are looking for a welcoming destination.


There are plenty of ideas that can be turned into businesses, and all one needs to do is to find the right way of doing that and presenting it to the public. Another important aspect is to find the right market and the country that offers the best solutions for turning that idea into a business.

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